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Beautiful You Holistics is here to guide you on your journey to feeling and looking vibrant and healthy, employing the best in holistic modalities that support us as we move through life.

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Hi. I’m Lori,

I help women feel better in their skin with Holistic Skin Therapy. I am a Licensed Esthetician, certified in lymph drainage, microcurrent, facial cupping, Oncology Aesthetics and Neolifting ™ as well as a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach, yoga instructor and gemologist.

My approach to skincare is from a holistic overview. What this means is no one biological system, integumentary, digestive, cardiovascular system etc., stands alone. Everything works together cohesively for the good of the whole. When one is out of balance the whole is affected. But what this also means is that we can positively affect one system through another.

I am always learning and researching new modalities and products so that I can stay current, providing clients with the best all natural & organic products & tools out there, so you know when you put your trust in Beautiful You Holistics you are in good hands.

My Approach

I offer a holistic centered approach to skin therapy. Nutrition, activity, hydration and lifestyle all factor into the approach she takes for each unique individual. I firmly believe in Pro-Aging – syncing our physical and spiritual to love and honor ourself at whatever stage of life you are experiencing.

Facial massage is crucial for skin health. Big shifts happen with regular massage of the facial muscles. It is well known that we often carry stress in the shoulders or back muscles, but we also hold this same stress in the facial muscles, which affects our health, expression and appearance. Facial massage brings circulation and oxygen to muscles which helps move lymph fluid, and flushes toxins out of the body, improving cell regeneration through stimulation of the blood.


My holistic, non-invasive treatments include Sculptural facelifting massage treatments, Esthetic manual lymphatic drainage, Esthetic Buccal massage, LED, Facial Reflexology, Kansa wands, stone therapy, Shirodhara and Ayurvedic skin treatments. All natural, yet simple and effective skincare that can be tailored to your specific needs. At home instructions for beauty rituals you can perform to support your journey and healing.

HP Signature Manual Facelift Treatment

Experience the best in holistic non-invasive treatments to keep you feeling & looking vibrant. This facial treatment is like no-other, focusing on relaxing the nervous system, while receiving facial sculpting massage. You will emerge looking & feeling your best, wondering if you just had an hour of therapy, you did Skin Therapy!

Ayurvedic Rejuvenating Facial

Relax and unwind with a curated selection of Ayurvedic aromatherapeutic products to stimulate your senses and leave you feeling blissful and nourished from the inside out, custom tailored to your skin’s needs.

Deep Cleanse Express Facial

Solavedi Sea Mineral Deep Cleanse Express Facial uses formulas that are mineralizing and fortifying, simultaneously softening the skin, exfoliating and detoxifying while providing lipid-rich hydration.


Lori’s facial massage is almost indescribable and the results are stunning!

The work releases tensions that you didn’t even know that you were carrying in the facial muscles and creates a younger-looking, relaxed visage. Even better, in releasing those tensions, you feel lighter and happier!

My husband said I looked 20 years younger after my last treatment!

~ Laura Benton

This is no average facial. With circular precision and healing metrics, Lori lovingly unwound so much tension in my face that I didn’t look the same. I didn’t FEEL the same, either.
The tension I usually carry and push through was dissolved. It left me feeling like I could approach my life with a lot more ease and my attitude even improved.
The products Lori uses are handcrafted works of essential oil and resin magic. They smell divine.
The hot towels drove them into my newly rehabilitated, now more sacred face.
This treatment didn’t just address my face, it deeply reminded me that we are all sacred and deserving, and I can’t think of a better way to feel than that.

~ Natalie Flowers

My skin and I are a big fan of Lori’s treatments. Such a relaxing experience. My skin feels great after and is so nice to know that all the products she used are natural and plant based.

~ Lexi Nutter

Lori’s buccal massage relaxes me for the week. My jaw tension is gone after a session with her. She brings her warmth, wonderful products and professional techniques to the table and I am transported to that inner realm where my nervous system can find calm, release, and stress melts away. Her facials are divine and leave me feeling energized and cleansed. Thank you for sharing your gifts Lori!

~ Lacey Dupre

A holistic centered approach to skin therapy

Working together physically and emotionally to love and honor ourself at whatever stage of life we are experiencing is at the heart of our Pro-Aging philosophy.

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