Amazing Grains (Sensitive Skin)


For Sensitive, Oily and Acne Prone Skin

Size: ½ oz, 2oz, 4oz

Known in Ayurveda as “Ubtan” our Amazing Grains Sensitive Skin is a mix of flours and herbal powders is a true powerhouse in Holistic skincare. These Amazing Grains (named for this reason!) are just that, they are powerful yet completely gentle to help cleanse and exfoliate the skin in a safe manner. These grains must be mixed with some liquid to activate them, be your own skincare alchemist and get creative. They can be combined at the time of use with hydrosols, herbal tea or honey water to tailor it to your skin’s needs (For a skin health consultation click here)


Base powder: Hemp seed, oat and chickpea flours blended with a proprietary mix for oily, acne prone and sensitive skin. If normal, dry or mature skin is more aligned to your needs, check out the Normal, Mature & Dry Skin version.

Chickpea flour absorbs excess oil and can have a tightening and smoothing effect.

Hemp seed flour is nourishing for the skin as it contains essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Oat Flour is soothing to the skin and provides gentle cleansing and exfoliating action.

Oily, sensitive or acne prone skin (kapha, pitta). Formulated to deeply cleanse the skin without stripping it of its natural protection, active ingredients, one of which is neem, provide antibacterial actions deep into the epidermis while maintaining the acid mantle, the skin's natural PH protection.

Directions for use

Take ½-1 teaspoon of powder and mix with liquid hydrosol or herbal tea of your choice until a paste is made and apply to skin and massage on the face in a circular motion. You can let it sit for a few moments as a mask and rinse with water.  You can also use this on your body after an oil massage (abyangha) to remove excess oil or to treat skin irritations.  Due to the messy luxurious nature of this scrub be advised that it could stain clothes and using it in a shower is recommended.