Kansa Facial Roller


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Introducing the Kansa Face Roller a blend of 2 ancient healing lineages, TCM and Ayurveda! Who said you could not have the best of both worlds! The Kansa Roller is a well-thought-out tool handcrafted to support you in your holistic beauty and wellness goals. This tool is equipped with two different sized rollers so that you can easily access every inch and curve of the face to reduce puffiness and awaken your face, especially in the morning. Kansa, which means bronze, is a combination of copper and tin and is known in India as the healing metal. The healing metal of Kansa gives you a rosy glow, enhancing your natural radiance and tone for a more youthful-looking beautiful skin from the inside out. You will receive a complementary 5ml sample oil to use with your tool as it is advised to use it with oil, however the roller can be used on bare skin. Gently clean with mild soap and dry.


Kansa has been known to:

  • Depuff the eye area
  • Reduce excess Pitta/Heat coming from the eyes
  • Firm, lift and sculpt the face
  • Boost collagen production
  • Support lymphatic drainage
  • Improves healthy circulation in the skin
  • Draws out toxins by pulling acidity from the skin
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Release tension

Why is my face turning gray?

When you gently massage your face and body with the Kansa wand, its healing properties are activated. The Kansa metal draws out inflammation and toxins from the lymphatic system, facilitating the detoxification process. As a result, you may observe a temporary gray discoloration on your skin. This gray color is a result of the chemical reaction between the metals and the electromagnetic system of your body, which helps release acidity and toxins.

Not everyone may experience this graying effect, as it depends on individual skin composition and acidity levels. However, there’s no need to worry if it occurs. Simply wipe off the gray residue with a soft tissue or cloth, and you’ll be good to go. With regular use of the Kansa wand, you’ll likely notice improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and an overall enhancement in your well-being.”

But what if you do not get any graying effect? Does that mean it is not working? Whether you get a graying effect or not, rest assured the Kansa is indeed working. Everyone’s skin PH is different and so everyone will have a different experience, the important part is that you use your Kansa and experience relaxation and with repeated usage an improvement in skin tone, texture and appearance.

How often should you use your Kansa wand or Gua Sha? There is no set amount, but the more you use it the quicker your skin will show results, however sometimes too much is not a good thing and can cause minor breakouts and irritations that could present as small red bumps. Discontinue use for a week and then resume. 2-4 x a week is usually sufficient, each session can last anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on if you are doing a full face routine or just concentrating on problem areas.

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