Lavender Hydrosol


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Our lavender hydrosol is an ideal choice to help support healthy skin. It  has a very balanced PH, making it suitable for almost every skin.  It is a great companion to keep with you throughout the day as it offers cooling and relaxing properties when sprayed on the skin or simply in your environment to enjoy its aromatherapeutic benefits. Known for its regenerative and healing qualities, this hydrosol does not skip a beat. Lavender is also suitable for children and can assist your little ones in times of need. In Celestial Herbalism Lavender is associated with the Moon.

Size: 2oz

What are Hydrosols?

Hydrosols are aromatic waters that contain the water/aqueous imprint of plant material, much like a hologram and can be thought of in terms of homeopathy, where the idea of dilution creates a stronger product. These are suitable for children and the elderly and do not contain any essential oils, alcohol or preservatives. Due to the nature of the product they are shelf stable up to a year (possibly longer) as hydrosols are hydrating in nature because they are water and water imparts hydration to the skin.

The application of hydrosols in the skincare is limitless and one of my favorite products in my daily skincare ritual. You can use them after cleansing the skin, as they help maintain the skin’s microbiome, keeping it intact and healthy. Often referred to as the Acid Mantle, it is the first line of defense against bacteria and pathogens. It is very important to maintain a balanced Acid Mantle which Hydrosols are excellent at doing. You can mix them with an oil cleanser to make an on the spot emulsion or with our Amazing Grains as the water component.

My favorite way to enjoy the aromatic alchemy of these beautiful waters is to shower my face with them, relish in the delight and take in the scent. Knowing that as the aroma envelops my aura, the intelligent molecules are finding their way to my cells to nourish, hydrate and protect them.