Lavender Oil Cleanser


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Our Lavender Oil Cleanser includes Sunflower seed, Jojoba, Borage, Argan and Pumpkin seed oils to create a beautifully well balanced oil full of antioxidants, essential fatty acids and waxes that the skin desires to maintain health and vitality. This creates the perfect support for a healthy microbiome.

Lavender was chosen due to its calming, cleansing, anti-bacterial and healing attributes. The whole lavender buds were infused into the oil over a full lunar cycle to soak up all the goodness the lavender has to offer.

Sage leaf was selected for its gentle astringent, clarifying and anti-bacterial action without being too strong for most skin types yet still effective. Combined with lavender they make a great duo.

Boswellic acid was added to round off this duo into a trio, known for its brightening and anti-inflammatory effects, it helps skin look brighter and will reduce inflammation long term when used regularly. It is a chemical constituent of Frankincense resin that does not carry over into the essential oil, not to worry it is not an acid in the traditional sense.

Size: 2oz

Directions for use

I recommend combining 2-3 pumps of oil in your hand with a dime size of hydrosol of choice, herbal tea or honey. Mix in the palm of your hand which creates an emulsion (water and oil mixture), rub the emulsion on your face going in a circular motion from the center of the face outward. Use your intuition in regards to what feels good, you can also do circles around your eyes to decrease puffy eyes. Wipe off excess with a wet washcloth.

By massaging your face, you are encouraging circulation which brings blood to the area and encourages lymph movement and natural detoxification, which will promote clearer brighter looking skin with time. You can do this am and or pm or you can substitute our Amazing Grains for one of your cleanses.

Sunflower Seed Oil , Jojoba Oil, Borage Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil infused with whole lavender flowers, sage leaf and Boswellic Acid. All organic ingredients. Lavender and Sage were grown in my apothecary garden.