“S” Shape Bian Stone Gua Sha


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Enjoy the benefit of Bian Stone combined with the effects of Gua Sha. Bian Stone has its origins in Ancient China, known for its healing benefits and effectiveness in facial rejuvenation. Bian Stone contains more than 40 trace minerals and elements. The “S” shape makes it very comfortable to use on the face and body and is excellent for use on facial wrinkles. Most of these pieces have not been polished and appear dusty before use. As you use them, they will absorb oil and will naturally polish. Having the Bian stone in its unpolished state is a benefit to the skin. There are many ways to utilize this tool, get creative and let intuition guide your hand.

You will receive a complementary 5ml sample oil to use with your tool as Gua Sha must be used with oil.

Care: Gently clean with mild soap and dry.

This item measures 5” long and 1- 1 ½” wide.


How often should you use your Gua Sha? There is no set amount, but the more you use it the quicker your skin will show results, however sometimes too much is not a good thing and can cause minor breakouts and irritations that could present as small red bumps. Discontinue use for a week and then resume. 2-4 x a week is usually sufficient, each session can last anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on if you are doing a full face routine or just concentrating on problem areas.

For a one-on-one Gua Sha lesson book a Holistic Skin Consultation