Intake Forms

New Clients

Please fill these forms out before your appointment and bring them with you. Doing this before your appointment guarantees your treatment will start on time.

If your appointment is for an Aromatherapy Facial, Deep Cleanse Facial, or any of our other treatmetns or consultations, please click on the “all other treatments” button and fill out these forms.

If you have booked the Aging Gracefully Neolifting Facial please click on the button with that name, and fill these forms out instead.  You do not need to fill out the “all other treatments” forms.

Can’t print at home? No worries!  We have you covered. Please show up to your appointment 10 minutes early to these out at our office.

Existing Clients

Please review the forms above. If you are getting an Aging Gracefully Neolifting Facial for the first time, please fill out the first 2 pages of this form and bring it with you to your appointment. If you have only had an Aging Gracefully Facial, and are coming in for one of our other treatments, please fill the first 2 pages out of the “All other treatments” form instead.